Jude Odell

The unexpected oddness of our lives; the twists, turns, stumbles and rebirths :  these occur by chance and circumstance.  As life’s diverse array of influences interact, combine, or repel, they affect an individual’s stance, expression, outlook and presence, always embellished with the subtle marks and scars of one’s experiences. It’s the uncontrollable seasoning of life. We see innocence shining through the patina of age, vulnerability in the midst of strength, hopefulness in the face of impossibility, and sometimes simple buoyant frivolity. The intrigue of this process and its results inspires my work in the forming of faces not quite as expected, the carved images on the bodies, roughened clay surfaces, and glazes painted in
layers and rubbed off. All allude to life that is layered and seasoned, rather than glossy, perfect, or predictable.


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